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7 years ago
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i ❤ demo
i thought this was an amazing story:

In Scotland, Trump Built a Wall. Then He Sent Residents the Bill. (NY Times) … -wall.html

i think it's crazy. and he's already used his political position to try to avoid the offshore wind farm around that golf course!
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7 years ago
... and let the Earth be silent after ye.
I don't think Trump is any more monstrous than another tycoon-esque business owner. He's brash and off-putting to be sure, but I think he's just become our collective cipher for the type of unrestrained, apolitical capitalists that already exist. Americans lack the language to discuss class divisions and inequalities that are becoming more disparate. I don't think those who are against Trump are secretly socialist, mind you, just that the problems they have with him are representative of some deeper distrust of our culture and economy.