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7 years ago
r1, link
i ❤ demo
i'm using the "intermediate" configuration from the mozilla ssl config generator, so https access is restricted to:

Firefox 1
Chrome 1
IE 7 (IE8 on Windows XP)
Opera 5
Safari 1
Windows XP IE8
Android 2.3
Java 7

i suppose this is notable because i require https for logging into ttf. should i relax this requirement?

if not, should i go ahead and permanently redirect all http traffic to https?
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7 years ago
I use Firebird 0.54. Please keep supporting it!!!!1!!
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7 years ago
r1, link
i ❤ demo
I spend money on extra IPs so I can avoid using SNI, so I can support obscure/old browsers. But if I force HTTPS with the "intermediate configuration," I drop support for many obscure/old browsers.

Server Name Indication (SNI) Compatibility:
Firefox 2
Chrome 6 (Windows XP or later)
IE 7 (Windows Vista or later)
Opera 8
Safari 1 (Windows Vista or later)
iOS 4
Android 3
Windows Phone 7

So because I buy extra IPs, I can support browsers/OSes older than these listed. Seems silly to force HTTPS, requiring an agent from the first list, but also buy IPs so that I don't require an agent in the second list.

I think I'm going to do this:
(a) Do not force HTTPS.
(b) Offer HTTPS without SNI.
(c) Use the "old configuration."

I'll probably always stick with this, because of my love for vintage/obscure computers.