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5 years ago
I have a gmail tab usually open. I have become a little more worried about the google influence in my life. I have an android, I use gmail, i watch a lot of youtube videos, I recently switched back to firefox - the wholesomeness of mozilla made me feel something like "special". when I was at school everything was google too, our e-mail, we shared everything on google docs and drives. I mean there was a time when it was like "YEAH! google" but now it has become kinda like "here, its google, take it" not to mention, and I mean, I'm not that special, but they have to know a lot about me.

I seem to be on a tame impala loop with youtube. its okay.

TTF and I am writingthis

***just had to take a time out because I get myself randomly worked up for no reason and forget to breathe and then start to have digestive problems, I feel better now. I'm not too sure if sobriety is all its cracked up to be, but I am learning a lot about who I am, and that is rad***

I have a Wikipedia article about Afghanistan open. I was sitting on my couch and had a vague recollection of this region that was both Greek influenced and Buddhist, I thought that was a strange combo so the chain of events went as such: wikipedia indo-greek kingdom > Kabul > Afghanistan

Lastly a Wikipedia tab entitled: History of the Jews in Afghanistan. I took an intro to Judaism course at uni, it was interesting. I also took a Buddhism course at uni, so the whole thing with the indo-greek kingdom all kinda meshes together.

***another time out. I kinda want to delete this, but I'm just gonna keep going***

I don't really know what I am doing with my life. I haven't had a job since November of 2015. I finished university in December of 2016. I really thought once I was finished everything was just going to take off. I feel like I've always been able to make things happen. I guess for the most part I didn't have any education and if I wanted to be a barista there wasn't really any competition for the work. The economy of the area I am in had been better in the past as well. There doesn't seem to be anything going on right now.

When I finished university in December there were a few conversations but the work wasn't especially meaningful. In February I had an interview for my old dream job in wine, but I was so nervous I spoiled the opportunity. I feel like it was kind of a sign that maybe the wine dream had come to its natural end, that and I don't drink...

I made a huge push to reach out to the oil and gas companies in the region, but nothing had come of that.

2 weeks ago I had an interview with a national bank for a part-time teller role. They seemed to want me to have a designation that would allow me to sell mutual funds, I can get the money to get the designation, but it would seem more logical if they paid me and I could use that money to get the designation and then transition out of the part-time opportunity.

This week I had a telephone interview to be a lot attendant at a car dealership, they didn't call me back... with that I decided maybe i need to reconsider the west coast. I've sent out a couple of resumes. I guess I can also go after that securities course and hope the bank picks me up.

That's all I've got going on right now.