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4 years ago
r2, link
i ❤ demo
so i'm supposed to be writing a ph.d. dissertation on economics. obviously latex is ideal for typesetting, but what about writing all that latex trash?

* i use windows primarily (at least for now), just because i already have it (mostly) working.
* i use vim, although i'm very bad at using it well (especially considering how long i've been using it!).

so i went for vimtex. the dev seems like a nice guy. it was a bitch to get working on windows--i settled on arara for compilation and mupdf for viewing. it doesn't work all that well, but well enough, i guess.

No compiler output using arara gvim on win32

i already don't know how to use vim very well, so trying to figure out how to use vimtex by reading the doc is proving to be exceedingly difficult. i was just googling around, and came across this on stack exchange. carpetsmoker contributed to the thread! :D maybe i should have known that carpetsmoker is a big wheel down at the vi stackexchange...


now i just want to figure out how to properly type double-quotes with latex & vimtex. for latex, that means two back-ticks for an opening double-quote, and two single-quotes for a closing double-quote. but with vimtex enabled, backticks are all wonky, and vimtex isn't doing anything magical to convert a double-quote to the latex equivalent. carpetsmoker? ;)
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4 years ago
you can use :imap in vim to convert characters when you type them in: … al_(Part_1 )

do you want

"Something is really preventing the Invisible Hand from doing its job!"

to turn into

``Something is really preventing the Invisible Hand from doing its job!''


you could map alt-[ and alt-] to `` and another to '':

:imap <Esc>[ ``
:imap <Esc>] ''

or " to insert both qoutes and then move into them:

:imap " ``''<C-o>h<C-o>h