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1 year ago
... and let the Earth be silent after ye.

I have spent the past 18 months collecting stuff for this, as I've alluded to in previous posts. So everything listed here I did not pay for. I collected from dumpsters, people's curbs, and even a couple of items that friends didn't want, so they freely offered it to me. I never asked for anything. This was important to me-- mostly I didn't want to leech on others, but also for the challenge of it all.

The goods:

Sony KV-32FS210 - 32" HD-CRT set.
Sony STR-DE685 - 5.1 channel A/V receiver (no HDMI, which was fine because my TV doesn't have any)
2x Yamaha SV12M - massive 12" live sound , 2-way loudspeakers (200W rated--so it's a bit overkill)
5x some offbrand satellite speakers
Some offbrand powered sub
Some entertainment center grabbed from the curb and modified to accommodate the TV.

The pictures:

Pretty self explanatory. Have two more speakers on the wall facing the TV, and the sub is out of frame in those pictures (hadn't settled on a place for it yet). And you can see the all important ThinkPad sitting at my impromptu standing desk.

I'm going to be picking up a Blu-ray player from a friend of mine that's glad to be rid of it. So soon I'll be able to watch things on it. In the mean time, it just takes up a lot of room. All I really want to add that I haven't been able to yet is a VCR (ideally, an S-VHS VTR deck, but I'll have to shell out cash for one of those unless an old TV station decides to dump old inventory somewhere).
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6 months ago
the law is no protection
what's the vcr for? I've been thinking about accumulating random old tech like VCRs and old-ass PCs with floppy drives and stuff, just to have them if someone wants to read some stuff from a floppy or something.
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6 months ago
i ❤ demo
i wanna mix tapes like i used to when i was a kid

i've bought three portable cassette players (e.g., "walkman") off ebay to give to people so that they can listen to mixtapes i make for them

i just need a cassette tape deck to make the damn tapes! but basically no one manufactures a high-quality tape deck anymore. so i need to find a used one. but many of them have issues or are heavy to ship.

if you come across one, phi, let me know! i can pay for shipping and buy you some beers ;)