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1 week ago
... and let the Earth be silent after ye. … blackouts/

I would just like to point out how serious this situation was for us Sunday night / Monday morning. Power grids ITE dropped down to 59Hz for a while ... we nearly destroyed our own grids because of short-sightedness and cost-cutting greed. 6 of the houses around me suffered ruptured pipes, flooding the streets (which then froze again), and leaving these people without water. I spent days helping shut off water lines, cleaning up sheetrock, insulation, and now boiling water to give out because of the massive disruption in both power and water supplies, treatment plants couldn't process the water enough. Shit is getting in from broken mains and lines. A significant number of water distribution sites set up by the county simply provide access to tap water that you still have to boil -- presuming you actually have power and gas, which isn't a guarantee.

There's no point here. I'm just mad as hell.
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1 week ago
i ❤ demo
been thinking about you. glad you're alright. i assumed you'd manage the challenges. what an unreal mess, though
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21 hours ago
Drunk by Myself
Fucking Texas man. I've been saying this shit constantly the past two weeks.

I don't live there anymore, but my g/f and her fam and mine are still there, CONSTANT source of fucking anxiety.