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6 months ago
r1, link
... and let the Earth be silent after ye.
Lilies - 8x10
More Lilies - 8x10
Bro and Co - 8x10
Beach Flower - 8x10
SIL and Nephew - 8x10
Rose - 11x14
Creek - 11x14
Naptime - 8x10
Poppy - 5x7

Idk. Just wanted to pump up the art & poetry section. All these prints were hand-coated and exposed by me with photos I took and edited. Almost exclusively cyanotypes (mostly toned), with 'Bro and Co' being a cyanotype with a few layers done in gum bichromate over the top, and 'Poppy' being an 8-layer gum print over cyanotype.
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2 months ago
these are cool. i especially like "more lilies"
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2 months ago
i ❤ demo
thanks for sharing!