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15 years ago
Don't Let Your Walls Down
she tells me shes done with that. she tells me she hates how she acts on it. she tells me she was to be a better person. she tells me all lies. the words are chosen carefully to hide the real meaning. leading me on, playing me, making me do whatever she wants. i beat myself up over something i shouldnt. i beat myself up when I know im the bigger person. why do i love her so? why do i want to be there for her when she acts this way? I need to move on, let her have her random drunkin sex. I know shes not over that stage, I know shes just spoon feeding me shit. I try to help her grow but she just keeps regressing and fucking up her life. Theres only so much i can do and Im about to give. I hate giving up on a friend but shes only gonna grow after I stop babysitting her.
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15 years ago
i ❤ demo
thanks, david
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11 years ago
r1, link
I am not a robot...
what happened here? these lost old links have so much more emotion than a lot of our new bullshit ones do :(
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11 years ago
that's why we should dig a little yo.