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14 years ago
i ❤ demo
i've been working on ttf a lot lately. i thought i was going to have most of what i wanted done this last weekend. but ttf development has turned into a rabbit hole. the more work i do, the more work i find to do.

i'm almost feeling like i should just start over. but i'll try to persevere and release a fairly complete version one.

i'll update this thread with the happenings.

so far, i have gotten these things working in /trunk:
* revisions (non-diff storage, but fully utf-8) for posts, profiles, and user titles
* password recovery
* new thread creation process
* numerous css oddities fixed (with design changes)
* new edit profile design
* (maybe more that i don't remember?)
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14 years ago
i like peanut butter
I know exactly how that is. It's the way of site development, always sucks me in until I feel completely overwhelmed.

What are the major things you still need to work on?
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14 years ago
i like large datasets
i was actually making a short screencast for lucas to show him django. i was quickly building basic functionality of thinktank so he could get a quick grasp on django in familiar territory. then it did the same thing as it always does and turned into full fledge coding session, finishing most functionality in a clean simple manner.

need to send you that screencast of the basics though.
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12 years ago
the law is no protection
do you still have this screencast, maple?
12 years ago
i'd also be interested