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3 years ago
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Drunk by Myself
As part of the pandemic, I have recently taken up the hobby of streaming my poker / FIFA / rocket league sessions on Twitch. I've been using copyrighted music on my streams and have disabled VOD, I record these sessions locally so now I've built up around 20 hours of content from the past 10 sessions.

Here is my question for you content creators. What is your typical workflow like? I am debating the following:

Record in x264 via obs for archival -> Convert entire video to HEVC/x265 for space archival -> Use this for clips / snippets of hands.

This is my first foray into video editing so I would like to see what you all think. I personally am on HEVC bandwagon due to bandwidth cost savings. CPU is cheap, bandwidth is not.

My media is recorded at 1080p60fps
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3 years ago
... and let the Earth be silent after ye.
Makes me miss my FireGL card. :(

My workflow for video was always "what I have available." But my current workflow:

- capture video on my DSLR (1080p24/30), recorded to SD card in stock MOV/H.264 (MagicLantern's RAW was always too unreliable for me, even with class 10 cards)
- capture audio on my Tascam digital recorder (4 channel @ 96kHz/24-bit) via external XLR mics
- sync a/v in any NLE, and trim into discrete chunks for editing proper

Generally, I won't re-encode for storage. Video takes up space, no matter the encoding, so I'd rather it stay in a useful format. Plus it takes forever. If I have a bunch of little clips, sometimes I'll bundle them up with tar just to keep the clutter down. Mostly, having a good filesystem hierarchy in place is worth more than anything else.