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Who am I? Am I what I have done, what I am doing, or what I will do? I suppose that's why I like philosophy.

I like computers a lot. My computing career spans twenty years, a dozen operating systems, and another dozen computers. I'm not too hot on the programming side but I love hardware and networking.

I study finance. I find capital markets and corporate finance very interesting, and not just because they involve money. I work as an equity analyst for one of Canada's largest pension funds.

I love music. More specifically, I'm into a lot of free music genres, stuff that challenges me and inspires me to think about things differently. I believe that the art that we are exposed to can shape us in a really significant way.

Other things I'm sporadically interested in: beer, whisky, coffee, tea, horology, fashion, typography, surrealism, politics, German, photography, theology, books, tobacco, and camping/canoeing.

I just try to do well in what I do.

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