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3 months ago
i ❤ demo
can be drank like sodapop

preference ordering:

1. miller lite (4.2%)
2. coors light (4.2%)
3. bud light (4.2%)

1. miller genuine draft (4.6%)
2. pabst blue ribbon (4.8%)
tbd. coors banquet (5%)
tbd. budweiser (5%)

curious about your ranking!
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3 months ago
the law is no protection
I do not fuck with light beers (I don't think I've ever bought one) unless it's the only option.

coors banquet is my go-to and definitely #1, though I haven't had it in a while. budweiser is ok and a pbr or bud 40 is a great porch/deck drink in the summertime.
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3 months ago
the law is no protection
completely off topic because this is not a domestic beer, but I had the "dark force" beer (an imperial wheat stout???) from this norwegian brewery somewhat recently and absolutely loved it. it's tough to find their stuff in the US but I did find a couple of other ones at one liquor store out here.
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2 months ago
... and let the Earth be silent after ye.
Light: Shiner Blonde Light
non-Light: Shiner Bock

Just Texas things. :)
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1 month ago
My favourite "easy drinking" beer is Hertog Jan pilsner; no idea how easy that is to get in the US, but I've seen the Hertog Jan dubble in New Zealand, so there's probably someone selling it ... somewhere.

And it's a "domestic" beer for me, although that's perhaps not what you intended :-)

As an aside, pretty much all beer in Indonesia sucks (Muslims, grmbl) I hardly ever drink these days, which isn't a bad thing I suppose.